Zackary Allnutt

Web Strategy & Development

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Achieving Goals

It's not about just throwing up a website, it's about making something that achieves a goal. There are so many things to consider, that are too of often ignored. Like choosing the right tool for the job. WordPress or bespoke? Theme or custom? What are the benefits of each?

Too many projects fail because of poor quality websites and little planning. I don't just make websites, I help you to achieve a successful project.


I work with a full team of experts at DDM who are experts in their respective fields. DDM is a joint venture between Sherpa and ATOZ Code to be able to offer our clients a full services form conception to completion to marketing.


Not only to I bring my 13 years of experience in the tech and media industry, and 13 years of time coding with PHP and Javascript, I bring my experience of being able to answer these questions and help you make the right choices for you budget and goals so you make the very best investment for your business to achieve the best ROI.

I work with Anton De Villiers at DDM Collective who has many years programming experience, business experience and complementing skill set to my own.

Right tool for the job

Every project is different, I don't believe in a one fits all approach. That's why I primarily use either WordPress and Laravel for most projects as neither one is appropriate for every situation.


Design is more then just looking good. But of course looking good is important too.

You only have a few seconds to make a good impression on your visitor and for them to know exactly what you do and what you can do for them. We have you covered at DDM when it comes to good looking and most importantly effective design.

Marketing & brand strategy

There's no point making something, if not one can find it. Our team at DDM Collective includes marketing experts that know how to make that happen and maximise results.