Zack in office)

Hi, I’m Zack. I live in Somerset and I develop custom WordPress solutions for my clients.

I’m a full stack senior developer with 13 years experience in PHP, HTML, CSS & JS.

I run zorbixthemes.com with my wife Louise where we sell stock and custom WordPress themes. We started out on Themeforest in July 2012 but later became a independent Themeshop in order to continue growing.

The fail rate of web projects is high. This is due to a number of factors, poorly written code, poor project management, poor planning.

I write clean maintainable code.


Have you been frustrated about not being able to edit your own website text when you want to? Or been overwhelmed by constant site maintenance?

If you’re like me you want a website that doesn’t require constant updates or work, once your site is up you want to concentrate on your business and on your site copy.

For simple brochure sites I use platform’s that are easy for you to edit text, add pages and blog posts. It’s the ultimate in low maintenance and simplicity. You can make simple site edits without knowing code and without a big learning curve.

I’ve been working with PHP, Javascript and CSS since 2004 and with WordPress since 2011.

Once again Zackary kills it for us! This guy is a killer developer with a great, design-oriented eye. Jeff Immer

Read more about what my clients say here and take a look at some case studies if your interested here

I can help you with

It all starts with a plan

It’s important to start custom WordPress starts with a strategy project to make sure that your budget is spend in the most effective way and to ensure the project is a success. The result of the strategy project is a full development plan ( this is different then a brief or proposal ).

There are so many things to consider, like choosing the right tool for the job.

There are many important decisions to be made before a line of code is written - if any! Too many projects fail because of poor quality websites and little planning.

WordPress plugin extensions / modification

I modify plugins by creating custom extension plugin. This means your changes are not lost on updates. I create plugins that meet WordPress best practices, this makes plugins more secure, better maintainable and less likely to break on updates.

Custom WordPress themes & plugins

I create custom themes and plugins to WordPress best practices, making them secure and maintainable. I can create Custom WordPress themes that you can easily self manage and edit by using the very popular beaver builder page builder.