Zack in office)

Hi, I’m Zack. I live in Somerset and I develop custom WordPress plugins and Web Apps.

I’m a full stack senior developer with 13 years experience in PHP, HTML, CSS & JS. The languages / platforms I commonly use are WordPress, Laravel, Jekyll, CSS & Javascript as well as various tools such as Webpack, SASS, gulp, git etc.

I run zorbixthemes.com with my wife Louise where we sell stock and custom WordPress themes. We started out on Themeforest in July 2012 but later became a independent Themeshop in order to continue growing.

I write tutorials at codelink.pro and video tutorials on YouTube

Once again Zackary kills it for us! This guy is a killer developer with a great, design-oriented eye. Jeff Immer

Read more about what my clients say here and take a look at some case studies if your interested here