About Me!

Pic of me

Hi, I'm Zack. I'm a freelancer/contractor with over 10 years comercial experience creating websites and apps.

I specialise in UI implementation - bringing designs to life in code.

I can take your design for a website or app and create UIs with

  • React
  • Static generators like Jekyll, Gatsby, 11ty or others
  • WordPress ( creating customs themes or elements )
  • Laravel
  • Node

I enjoy creating user interfaces that work and are attractive. I gained a lot of experience in this running a theme shop where I designed all of the themes and templates. I have also designed or implemented other peoples designs for websites, E-Commerce stores, apps and UI elements.


When I'm not developing

I like to travel around Europe, I fell in love with france in year 9 - I think it was the food! I've been trying to speak french, if you try to engage me in french you'll find out how well that's going...

You'll often find me splatting, paint that is, on the Nintento switch. It's the only game I like playing!

Lately I've been attempting to play the piano, Yiruma, way too ambitious for someone with one grade from their school years, but there we go.