Hi, I'm Zack. I'm a full-stack freelancer with over 10 years experience creating websites/apps.

I have a special interest in focusing on the core of what's needed in order to create clean, stable and maintainable code.

Over the years I have worked with a number of different platforms/frameworks but currently I am most interested in ReactJS and Node development.

I also have an extensive knowledge and experience with custom WordPress development and best practices.

Key Skills

  • NodeJS & React
  • Custom WordPress solutions, fully custom themes and plugins
  • Test driven development
  • Responsive SASS web development
  • E-Commerce

Remote working

I work remotely primarily from my home office or occationally from a housesit or AirBnb - always with a decent connection! I have been working remotely with companies since 2011 and have helped set up a team for remote working for the first time. I'm very used to leading a project via slack, video chat and office visits.

As I travel and enjoy spending time in other locations, spending some time at offices is no problem.


I have had an interest in code since my school years. My first professional experience was in 2004 but I really focused on coding with my first coding job in 2009 (-2011).

In 2011 I set up a business selling Themes and Templates under zorbixthemes.com.

From around 2015 I have worked as a freelancer working with small and large companies from around the world.

Outside of work

I like to travel around Europe, I fell in love with france in year 9 - I think it was the food! I've been trying to speak french, if you try to engage me in french you'll find out how well that's going...

You'll often find me splatting, paint that is, on the Nintento switch. It's the only game I like playing!

Lately I've been attempting to play the piano, Yiruma, way too ambitious for someone with one grade from their school years, but there we go.

Between contracts I like to work on my own projects to work on my skills and usually have a few on the go.