Zack in office)

That’s me in my office in South Somerset, UK.

I run zorbixthemes.com with my wife Louise where we sell stock and custom WordPress themes. We started out on Themeforest in July 2012 but later became a independent Themeshop in order to continue growing.

I also am a founding partner of ddmcollective.net, “Design Develop Market”. We combined forces to create a excellent team of Designers, Marketers and Developer to offer our clients a full service from project conception to completion.

I’m a full stack senior developer with 13 years experience making websites. I primarily use WordPress and Laravel.

The fail rate of web projects is high. This is due to a number of factors, poorly written code, poor project management, poor planning.

I don’t just throw up a site and hope for success. I guide my clients through a process that helps to achieve success.