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July 15, 2017

I worked together with designer Jeff Immer at Biklops to create the website for Equip, an Atlasssian certified Consultancy. Based on Jeff’s design, I created a custom WordPress theme for the site. This used my Zorbix Framework and page builder.

The theme had custom page types and options that allowed the client to control the site themselves. It was designed to be clean and easy to natigate with only relevant options to the client. This is something you only get with a custom theme and is one of the benefits of going bespoke.

Stock themes have options for everyone and very often so many that it really gets in the way of your site management wasting your time.

Equip Team Options

Things like the footer widgets where adjustable by the user via the live customizer

Equip Widgets

Once again Zackary kills it for us! This guy is a killer developer with a great, design-oriented eye. Jeff Immer -

Kyle Mathews

Written by Zack Allnutt who works as a freelancer in the UK, building useful things in PHP and Javascript.