On Codelink I wrote an article about how to use Markdown with WordPress. Although there are some decent options, none of them really provided what I wanted.

I love using Jekyll for my personal site because although WordPress is a great CMS, I just prefer working in code. I like writing in markdown and I like working with files.

When creating a layout, I don’t like using page builders, I find they slow me down. I’m not ardently against them or anything, they just don’e suit me. I want to be in my editor, looking at HTML and markdown.

It occurred to me that with the REST API, maybe I could make this happen. So, as a side project I’ve started to create a Atom plugin to pull and push a page to WordPress.

I’ve not made a atom plugin before but, it’s atom based, so, I figure I might be able to pull it off.

I think it will be pretty cool if it works.

It’s very early days and a side project so may take me some time, but the repo is here, https://github.com/zackio/wpedit