What was needed was a system for customising the features of a sofa. The prices needed to be updated as the each item is selected. The extra options plugin gives most of the options but required some advanced customization to make the the system more user friendly and intuitive as well as

As always, it was important that the plugin was not edited directly to allow updates. This is especially important when it comes to a site that deals with transactions.

The following example has one option but the system is capable of having several elements to customise.

Working with Zack was an absolute pleasure! He understood the brief immediately, and delivered top quality code, on time. Even when some unforeseen issues cropped up he fixed them right away with no fuss. Top developer and top guy. Highly recommended. James Birchmore

Kyle Mathews

Written by Zack Allnutt who works as a freelancer in the UK, building useful things in PHP and Javascript.