Node Code Examples

Node projects

These examples are written for applications or tools that use Node.

WP Edit

An in progress Atom plugin for fetching a post, creating a post and updating a post or page using the WordPress Rest API. Contains example of Mocha based unit testing.

Assemble Helpers

A miscellaneous collection of helpers for the Assemble build tool.


A gulp plugin for adding a TOC to a CSS file. A project required a TOC in the finished compiled CSS for novice users to edit.

Yeoman WordPress Generator

A yeoman generator for creating a new WordPress install. Uses the WordPress NPM package.

Gulp Contains

A significant contribution to the gulp contains plugin that was folked into the core plugin.

Gulp templates

A small plugin to help with a theme project. Creates a php visual composer template from WordPress XML export

Gulp Demos

Filters out post types form a WordPress XML export

Node helper scripts

To process exported WordPress XML files to make them ready for distribution as a demo file to import.