What I do


I help my clients to choose the best solution to achieve their goals. Solutions that save time and create revenue. Web development is a big world and knowing that the best solution for your business needs is a challenge.

Should you use a pre-made theme or have a custom theme made. What plugin would best meet my needs? Is it worth having a custom plugin made or should I extend an existing plugin? How can I make sure that my site doesnt get hacked? Is using WordPress slower then a bespoke solution like Ruby or pure PHP? Is using WordPress right for me?

I could make an essay long list of such questions. But I’ll stop there.

I make it my business to know these things and I help my clients choose and apply the best solution for thier needs.


Every project starts with a road mapping session. The linchpin of every successful project. I’ve helped customers save thousands by helping them to choose then right solution for their business needs.

When it comes to implementing that solution, I do it the right way. Because code quality, maintainability and security is a vital part of making a project a success.


WordPress is an incredible platform that can be used to rapidly develop blogs, full websites, eCommerce Shops and web applications. Now WordPress has the rest API, it is getting a lot of interest in the web application and start up world. Did you know that:

I have been specialising in WordPress since around 2011 so have come to know it inside out.

Bespoke / Custom

There are a lot of benefits to a bespoke solution. What does bespoke mean exactly? It means a solution tailered to your business needs, rather then the an "off the shelf" solution, not a "one fits all" approach.

There are levels of custom though. There are levels of abstraction, from machine code up to a WordPress site running a theme.

Choosing the right level for your business goals and budget is something I help you with.