Pixo is the third theme I made and sold on Themeforest. It’s a theme primarily for creative agencies. This was the first theme that did not use visual composer and used my own custom build page builder. It’s also the first theme where we didn’t make a HTML version first.

As with my other themes, I wanted to create something a pixo different, something that was fun and creative and a perfect way for agencies to showcase their works.

I believe in decisions over options in themes and Pixo was more that way then any our other themes. This meant the maintence and support for Pixo was much lower then with our other themes.

The idea is that if the the project was truely easy to use then support wouldn’t be needed so much. A win for the buyer who doesn’t want to contact support and for me and my wife, freeing up our time for other project. Providing support for a project is usually a massive chunk of time when running a theme shop with several themes.

Pixo was designed to be incredibily fast. Site load time is very important, bounce rates are much higher for slow sites.

This was achieved in part by dropping visual composer in favor of a simpler custom build page builder that only did what was relevant to this theme. Another important factor was using as few images in the design as possible.

The design and build of Pixo was entirely by me. My wife runs Zorbix themes with me and takes care of business matters.

Pixo responsive mockup

Pixo desktop mockup

Pixo demos

Pixo Page builder

Kyle Mathews

Written by Zack Allnutt who works as a freelancer in the UK, building useful things in PHP and Javascript.