Skyline HTML Template


Skyline was originally a HTML template sold on Themeforest.

It was built in Assemble. Assmble is a static site generator built with node.

HTML templates have to be just that, templates make with HTML, they are then generally either used to create a static site, or converted for use in another famework - likely one that doesn’t have themes available.

Using Assemble

The problem is that when you are dealing with a lot of pages, making changes is a pain. Say I made a change to the footer, I would then need to duplicate that change across all the pages.

When you create a site in PHP, that’s fine, you would just use a include. So for my first two templates, that’s what I did. I created the templates in PHP then used a custom script to export them.

When it came to my third template, Skyline, I found a better way. Assemble.

Assemble isn’t as well known as the site generator most will have heard of, Jekyll. Its more agnostic, less geared to blogs. It was more flexible.

I was able to create custom node modules to make it do what I needed it to do - called “helpers”.

Using grund and later gulp, it would output my template files made with handlebars to plain HTML.


The HTML version isn’t currently for sale. I removed it to concentrate on other projects. At some point, it might be released.


Later on, Skyline was ported to WordPress, you can read about that here.

Kyle Mathews

Written by Zack Allnutt who works as a freelancer in the UK, building useful things in PHP and Javascript.