Skyline started out as a HTML template that I designed and developed as a product. It was the 3rd HTML template to be sold on the Themeforest marketplace.


It was build using AssembleJS, not to be confused with the assemble language. AssembleJS is a un known gem, it’s similar to Jekyll which is more well known - but that doesn’t equal better. For my use case it was perfect.

It uses on Node, Yeoman, YAML, Grunt and handlebars. It’s a fantasic little framework for static site builds - fast and quick to build with.

Awwwards & Mentions

I was very pleased to have the HTML version of Skyline win a user approved award on

Themes often don’t do that well on Awwwards sites as they need to be fairly generic to appeal to a wide audience. I tried to hit a balance with Skyline, to be generic enough to be used for a varity of uses, but creative enough to stand out.

Later the project was converted to WordPress and this was featured on One Page Love.


This was also sold on Themeforest initially. However I removed it from sale from there in preference of selling via creative market and my own site so I could how my business in ways that was impossible on Themeforest. The theme is still being updating as it’s currently still powering many sites.

Kyle Mathews

Written by Zack Allnutt who works as a freelancer in the UK, building useful things in PHP and Javascript.