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Hi, I’m Zack. I live in Somerset, UK and I develop custom php and Javascript solutions.

I’m a full stack senior developer with 10 accumulated years experience in PHP, HTML, CSS & JS. The languages / platforms I commonly use are WordPress, Laravel, Jekyll, React as well as various tools such as Node, Webpack, SASS, gulp, git etc.

I run zorbixthemes.com with my wife Louise where we sell stock and custom WordPress themes. We started out on Themeforest in July 2012 but later became a independent Themeshop.

Once again Zackary kills it for us! This guy is a killer developer with a great, design-oriented eye. Jeff Immer

Read more about what my clients say here and you can see some examples of what personal projects and client projects I’ve done.

You can also find my public repos on GitHub

Code Examples:

Appoach & toolset

Formost, I believe in using the right tool for the job. So I don’t limit myself to being a “WordPress” or “Laravel” developer. I like to take a more birds eye view and focus on the big picture - the goal of the project.

I focus on the end destination. Maybe that will mean using the latest shiney new framework on the block, or it might mean sticking to a tried and tested solution that is tried and tested.

I put a big enphases on user experience which is neglected nine times out of ten. Go to most big companies websites and you’ll notice the lack of attenton to what the user needs and wants. The user cares not whether you’re using the lastest and greatest. But if the site is reponsive, they can find what they need and can get the job done without any hinderene - that’s a happy user.

A happy user, is a profitable one - if that’s your goal.

The same goes for process. Sometimes it’s best to start with a detailed UI mockup, othertimes it’s best to get stuck in and create a prototype to proove a concept.

I tailer my appoach to the goal and budget for each project.


I love writing about development and write code tutorials at codelink.pro. I’ve released an eBook on utilising the WP CLI in WordPress development

Get in touch

I’m based in the UK but I work with businesses and agencies from around the globe.

Whether you need help for a few hours or for longer term contact, I’d be happy to hear from you.

[email protected]